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More than the tuition fees, what is most important during your search for a hypnosis school is the quality of the training that they provide. We give you a glimpse of what to look out for in the hope of serving as your guide during your search. Our Online Hypnotherapy Certification Course goes for only $1200, you can get quality training at its finest from AHWC, while not having to keep paying outrageous amounts of money 5 to 6 times a year. We at American Hypnosis Wellness Institute are frustrated since most of the self-created parameters that are commonly being advertised both online and offline are not legitimate at all. Today, we will try to clarify as many of the usual fallacies as we can. But as we do so, hopefully, we will not offend anyone.

Why is AHWI the best choice for your training?

Our main purpose here is to help everyone make an informed decision, and to prevent you from falling into the hands of those who are only after your money and nothing else. For starters, hypnosis training does not yet have any federal regulation of any sort. In fact, Hypnosis has only a few states that regulate the word therapy, besides that, no one has total control or regulation in Hypnotherapy.

As stated above, there is barely any form of regulation being implemented currently, and this is exactly where the confusion begins. Considering that there is no basic format or uniformity in the way that schools must be run, anyone who wants to earn some extra cash by opening his or her own school, whether part time or full time, can easily do so.

As their way of attracting as many clients as they can, most of these so called schools will come up with their own set of criteria of how good a hypnosis school must be based on their own strengths alone. So, if you happen to be a prospective student who compares schools, instead of comparing apples to apples, what you end up doing is comparing an apple to an orange, lemon, and so on.

You have to take note that your main purpose in entering this field is to be able to help other people while making some money in a reasonable way. It is our simple goal to lend you a helping hand. While we cannot deny that this is a business and the goal is still to make money, we firmly believe that if helping others is your main concern, the money will surely follow shortly.

What should you look for when choosing your training program?

Some o f the things you should keep in mind when searching for the best institution for holistic medicine are as follows:

  • Overpriced Tuition Costs

  • Have you ever wondered what you’re getting for your tuition dollars? We have been in the industry for a lot of years now, and are familiar with the majority of reliable training facilities. It’s amazing how many facilities are teaching the same materials to all of their students, yet their tuition amounts differ as much as $1,500 to $10,000 for the same course and principles. Some of them will even take the same materials and break them down into multiple classes so they can charge full tuition for everyone as you’ll see in the next section.

    Remember that most hypnosis training facilities are run on a part-time basis or out of someone’s basement. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, because some trainers have a full-time job elsewhere and perform hypnosis training during the weekends. This could be a good supplement to the current income they have. Just because you’re working part-time, it doesn’t mean that you can charge high tuition rates that are too expensive for the typical student.

    High tuition rates aren’t always going to provide you with quality training. The only way for you to know for sure is by comparing the curriculum you will be learning as well as the advantages with the tuitions of some schools before making your decision. Sometimes, higher tuition isn’t necessarily better, yet other times, it is.

  • Super Hypnosis Degrees

  • Masters Degree in Hypnosis, Doctor of Hypnosis, Doctorate in Hypnosis – do you know that there is no such thing at all? Just to reiterate, in the same way that there is no such thing as a College of Hypnosis, there is also no legitimate and educationally backed degree in hypnosis. Several of the alleged colleges of hypnosis even go the extent of having pictures of their offered degrees posted for prospective students to see. Religious or other kinds of fraternal organizations usually back these programs.

  • Hypnosis Colleges

  • There are not any hypnosis colleges that are educationally based. Even though most of today’s mental health and medical health professionals can take a course or two that covers basic hypnosis during their training in college, they are extremely basic courses that teach only an overview of the field. Right now, you can find a lot of training institutions that label themselves as colleges but you have to know that this is merely the name that they have chosen to use.

    Such training centers are not in fact backed up by the legitimate educational establishments which have granted them with the necessary accreditation. In case they state that they are an educational-based college, most likely, they are registered as a Religious Establishment or a Post Secondary School and not really a legitimate college. Take some time to think about it logically: how would you be able to get a 4-year hypnosis degree in only a matter of months to one year.

    Obviously, a 4-year degree will also take four years to complete and earn. Aside from that, are those so-called college credits actually transferable to other accredited non-hypnosis colleges? You have to be extra careful during your research on these, since most of them will even title their courses in the same way that college courses do, examples of which include Hypnosis 101 and so on.

  • Practitioner’s Titles

  • There are numerous titles currently in use for all hypnosis practitioners. The allowed ones may differ from one state to another. Some of the titles used are Certified Hypnotist, Hypnotherapists, Certified Clinical Hypnotist, and many more depending on your creativity. However, the title you use has more to do with the educational background you have instead of the training of the particular school you’re attending.

    In some states today, you are only allowed to call yourself a hypnotherapist or perform clinical hypnosis if you have a mental health or medical health degree. This is to ensure the credentials of the practitioners who work within their practice. If you’re not a licensed therapist, you must not be conducting therapy. Doing so could also cause more harm than benefits. Its why we as an Institute count on the accreditation of the ABCH Ato oversee our training and have all legal matters taken care of. The American Board of Clinical Hypnotists is the only third party accrediting board that has legal representation and offers our graduates the latest information in laws and regulations. We strongly encourage our students to follow their realm of practice and always ask about the regulations they have to follow in order to practice. We will tell you how to go about your practice to have a high number of clients without having trouble with the law.

  • State Approved or Post Secondary Schools

  • If you are planning to attend a particular training, you must carefully go through their curriculum and benefits to check whether it is a state approved or post secondary school. Practically all hypnosis training facilities that wish to be post secondary or state approved can easily do so through filing the necessary paperwork, adhering to their guidelines and paying the fees due. Together with these approvals are a lot of restrictions on adding or changing the curriculum.

    You will discover that these courses stay the same year after another instead being improved because of the inconvenience and cost of resubmitting brand new materials that need to be approved again by the board.

    The main point here is if you like the sound of being a graduate of an adult education type of program or a post secondary school, then, this is exactly what you must get. If you are truly searching for the highest quality and most updated training that will be worthy of your investment, don’t think about the bells and whistles and titles, and instead, check the curriculum and benefits that they can offer.

  • Courses Are Divided Into Segments

  • More often than not, some self-employed hypnotherapists manage hypnosis schools. For the reason that there are few regulations, owners have the right to charge their students whatever they want when it comes to class tuition. Nevertheless, a lot of them will try pushing the limits by increasing how much money they ask from every student.

    Typically, one of the ways to do this is through taking a class that lasts for six to eight days, which would normally cost approximately $3,500 or more. Then, they break this down into 2 shorter classes that could last for three to four days each with more time for practice.

    They’ll also call the first one a class about basics and the second one will be advanced learning and they would charge the same per class. In fact, there are others that include intermediate classes for them to make 3 times the tuition. But, you have to take note that attending classes like these will not give you the education you deserve in holistic medicine.

    Oftentimes, it’s actually a way of getting more money out of a client. However, since it just serves as a money-making business, a lot of unscrupulous business owners will search for ways to control it. Therefore, before you take a course, particularly if it’s one like this, make sure to spend some of your time checking to see what you will learn and what will be included in the curriculum.

    Making comparisons of the curriculums that are being taught are also a very effective way of making comparisons of the value instead of the cost of the courses or the length of time. That is why we, at American Hypnosis Wellness Institute, offer guidance, and assistance support for everyone free of charge.

    This is our way of showing the high quality training you will get at American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. Instead of making impossible claims and making up imaginary criteria, we’re providing assistance support to you in order for you to compare and review. It is our way of showing you our business. So, there’s nothing you need to worry about if you are planning to enroll at our institution.

Why We Are Different?

At the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute, we certify the training that our students will receive as a course in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and you will choose your title depending on your state’s regulations. It is because we know that our students are from different walks of life. Some also have had no experience with hypnosis, while others are licensed therapists as well as medical practitioners.

Through teaching the most advanced course, everybody can benefit by having the knowledge of what may be done with hypnosis. We also feel that up-to-date knowledge is important to have. Upon graduation, those who have mental health and medical health degrees may designate themselves as hypnotherapists, clinical hypnotherapists or advanced hypnotherapists according to their background.

Those who don’t have a medical degree, however, have an option of calling themselves a hypnotist or whatever is allowed by the state regulations. If your state is renowned for having a separate designation that you qualify for with an educational background, you’re free to use that also.

In this way, everyone obtains advanced hypnotherapy training and may call themselves whatever they are allowed to because of their state or region they are living in and educational background without the need to retrain all over again.

You have to remember that your state or regional regulations, and education background, not the hypnosis institution you’re attending are the ones that would regulate your title. It works this way no matter where you attended school.

At the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute, we get about three to four potential students calling regarding this topic every week. We hope that this helps clarify everything. We also feel that the most vital issue is that you will experience the most advanced training possible, as well as leave the credential titles up to what you want to call yourself depending on the regulations in your location.

Pick a name you’re comfortable with that fits your state regulations and you will always have work as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

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