David Murray, Georgia
George Willingham, San Francisco
Vladlena Gusev, Russia
Mike Williams, Boston


Telling How AHWI Helps; from our student we highly esteem


So we are not just saying it, we have our students do all the telling

Being a graduate from AHWI has helped me…

Being a graduate from AHWI has helped me in all aspects of my life. I enjoy what I do and I am very good at it thanks to them!

- Amir Khan New Jersey

I graduated and got certified and I opened a practice!

I graduated and got certified and I opened a practice! Its amazing how powerful hypnosis is and how many clients I am getting. My plan is to

- Cristiano Ramirez Puerto Rico

… I realized that most hypnosis schools dont even teach a ¼ of what I learn with you guys! THANKS

- Rahul Fernandez Brazil

Amazing teachings and amazing staff.

I am a proud graduate of the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute.

- Chihiro Shimizu New Jersey

I am amazed that such an outstanding curriculum can be taught so easy to understand.

The instructor is GREAT and so is the Institute I now enjoy working in my own counseling practice with hypnosis

- Damaris Rivera New York

Learning online with the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute was easy fast and effective!

I now enjoy a great source of income and an amazing new life

- Jorge De Castro New York City

The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute is the place to go for real hypnotherapy training.

I love working with my clients and I love changing peoples lives. I seriously recommend the AHWI to anyone that wants to start a new career

- Estefani Flores Detroit

Being a hypnotherapist in California is one of the best occupations ever.

Thanks American Hypnosis Wellness Institute for making it happen! Its amazing what great education and hard work and effort cant do.

- Mark Pommett California

Great place to learn hypnotherapy online. I love my job!

- Michael Silverstein Florida