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Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Course

We are sure you already know that Americans have a smoking problem! The average age at which people begin to smoke in the US is under 15 years. The statistics of tobacco-related mortality in the country are devastating. Tobacco is a known or probable cause of about 25 diseases. This endemic has allowed for the development of Smoking cessation through Hypnosis. Although, many have their doubts about the hypnosis part, you would still find that more people (especially smokers that badly want to quit) are willing to give Smoking cessation a shot.
And as statistics that shows that indeed, people can quit their smoking habit through hypnosis continue to rack up, consultants who include this service into their practice have been known to do better than their counterparts who don’t.

And the folks offering the service aren't bearded or old men telling you how heavy your eyelids are getting, or seeing patients in dingy basements outfitted with lava lamps and burning incense. Rather they're people with advanced degrees and certifications who practice in the same kinds of clinics where you'd see your shrink or your ophthalmologist; rates usually start at around $100 per hour and can go as high as $250 (most practitioners recommend between one and four sessions).

Specializing in smoke cessation could be very profitable for your hypnosis business. Not only is there an increase in the demand for specialists, the response by both the clinical and US healthcare system has been lacking; more people now have to turn to the private sector to help them quit this dangerous habit.
Hypnosis has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to quit smoking fast and in a safe manner. As a matter fact in most cases smoking cessation will be 70% of your business so getting trained in being a specialist in smoking cessation with hypnosis could very well help your practice and success rate.

Getting Certified by American Hypnosis Wellness Institute:

Becoming a Smoke cessation therapist isn't like becoming a doctor where there's a set curriculum and a series of nationally recognized qualification tests. At AHWI, we offer you a series of online lectures and training, stratified by different modules.

By obtaining a certification from AHWI in smoke cessation, you position your Practice to cater to the needs of thousands, maybe millions of people who wish to live healthy and better lives, free of smoking. Our extensive training is intended to help hypnotherapists become professionals in offering effective interventions for quitting. At AHWI, we provide you with the necessary guidelines, materials and counseling strategies to help you become a successful smoking cessation specialist.

Smoking cessation specialists are not defined by their professional affiliation or the field they are trained. Rather, smoking cessation is a critical professional role for which you need requisite skills and intensive training in order to help your patients quit and thrive as non smokers.

  • An amazing certificate of completion from the AHWI suitable for framing
  • All access training to Pieter Elsen's PhD. rapid smoking cessation program
  • 100 plus page manual
  • All online training videos
  • and more...

You will learn the best principles on how to get to know your client and how to apply the right method to achieve massive success in every client. We believe everyone is different and thats the way they have to be approached.

So what are you waiting for? Become a smoking cessation specialist today

Note: This course is only available to AHWI graduates and medical health and mental health professionals as a CEU. For a complete breakdown of our online hypnotherapy certification course click here.

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Since the practice of hypnosis is unregulated in the majority of jurisdictions, there is still no established standard regarding training, and almost anyone who has learned the basic techniques of inducing hypnosis can easily offer their hypnotherapy services. That's when the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute stands out and offers the best. We provide you with the training and the knowledge to become a successful Hypnotherapist; we will even teach you how to market your services. We have created the best professional curriculum, and the best training available on the planet. We have the privilege of being accredited by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , and we follow their standards so we can offer the best quality in the field of Hypnotherapy.


Here at the American Hypnosis Wellness Center, our mission is to help lead the way to more meaningful standards of hypnosis and hypnotherapy education. We firmly believe that merely learning and knowing several hypnosis techniques and how to induce hypnosis is not enough to call yourself a professional hypnotherapist. Along with our accrediting board, The American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , we have HELPED THOUSANDS of students become the best Hypnotherapists in the field.