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Hypnosis Rapid Induction Course

Learn ways of applying rapid inductions and add more knowledge to your hypnotherapy career
This course teaches rapid induction techniques. Not only hypnotherapists, but anybody who works with clients and patients, be it doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists or healers, will be greatly benefited to learn the techniques taught in this certification course. This course is also especially suited for entertainers and stage personalities who like to learn spectacular hypnosis techniques, or for anybody who wants to understand the basics of simple and effective quick hypnosis techniques.

In therapeutic settings, rapid inductions are important and useful for doctors, dentists, nurses and caregivers who don’t have the time to perform lengthy hypnotic inductions.
WHAT ARE RAPID INDUCTIONS? A lot of people interested in hypnosis are interest in rapid induction techniques. These techniques are often very spectacular and are great for entertainment and stage performances. In order to be good at rapid inductions however you first need to be a good clinical hypnotists and understand the basic principles behind hypnosis. It is highly recommended therefore to first follow our ‘FOUNDATIONS OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS’ course to get a firm grip on basic hypnosis principles, concepts and techniques before even attempting to work with rapid inductions. When do we use rapid or shock inductions?

There are several applications for these quick techniques:
  • Entertainment
  • Stage shows / Demonstrations
  • Extremely left brain suggestible clients
  • Dentists, doctors, medical personal that need to safe time

Entertainment: Rapid of Shock inductions are a great way to show of your skills and impress skeptics about the power of hypnosis.
Stage shows / demonstrations:Here too the power of shock inductions is a great way to impress your audience. But also as a learning tool, rapid inductions are a great way to explain the principles of hypnosis.
Extremely left brain suggestible clients: Rapid inductions can quickly override the overly intellectual and fearful left brain and get a client to enter the hypnotic state without giving him time to intellectualize and thereby boycott the induction.
Dentists and doctors: In a dentist practice for example it is impossible to take 20 minutes to


In this course you will learn:

You will be trained by a skilled practitioner who has more than 20 years in the field of hypnosis and counseling.

What are rapid inductions?What are rapid inductions? The theory behind rapid inductions And you will master 14 types of rapid inductions:

1.Two Finger Eye Closure Method (Dave Elman)
2.Non-verbal Catalaptic Induction
3.Eye Roll - Levitation Induction Technique (Spiegal)
4.Rapid Imagery Induction for Children / Adults
5.Butterfly Induction (John Cerbone)
6.Spinning / Revolving Hands Induction
7.Three handshake shock Induction
8.Handshake Interrupt Induction (Elman)
9.Countdown Confusing Induction
10.Magnetic Hands Rapid Induction
11.Magnetic Hands Induction vs.2 vs with hand clasp
12.Hand Drop Shock Induction
13.Direct Gaze Induction
14.Hand Energy Induction

You will also learn to apply some simple therapeutic techniques.
1.The Inside talk
2.The Affect Bridge

  • A 46 page manual
  • Two hours of streaming videos
  • Life session video demos with real life clients demonstrating the use imagery techniques.
  • Detailed scripts for using 14 different rapid induction techniques
  • And more……
CERTIFICATION Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing from the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute as a Certified Rapid Induction Specialist.

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Since the practice of hypnosis is unregulated in the majority of jurisdictions, there is still no established standard regarding training, and almost anyone who has learned the basic techniques of inducing hypnosis can easily offer their hypnotherapy services. That's when the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute stands out and offers the best. We provide you with the training and the knowledge to become a successful Hypnotherapist; we will even teach you how to market your services. We have created the best professional curriculum, and the best training available on the planet. We have the privilege of being accredited by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , and we follow their standards so we can offer the best quality in the field of Hypnotherapy.


Here at the American Hypnosis Wellness Center, our mission is to help lead the way to more meaningful standards of hypnosis and hypnotherapy education. We firmly believe that merely learning and knowing several hypnosis techniques and how to induce hypnosis is not enough to call yourself a professional hypnotherapist. Along with our accrediting board, The American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , we have HELPED THOUSANDS of students become the best Hypnotherapists in the field.