Become a Past Life Regression specialist today.

Did you know that past life regression is one of the most profitable careers in hypnosis?
Past life regression has been in existence since 4000 BC. However, it was only 50 years ago that America made a profitable business out of it. The belief gained credibility because some of the early advocates possessed legitimate credentials. As the interest grew, it became paramount to find more trained and seasoned specialists to help people with this therapeutic experience. “Past life regression continues to grow all over the world.” Brian Weiss PhD.

Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist Data shows that quarter of Americans believe in reincarnation. (Women are more likely to believe than men; Democrats more likely than Republicans.) This isn’t so hard to believe if you consider how Our TV shows, movies, newspapers have popularized the many benefits of the concept.

Countless people across many cultures believe in past life. They believe in how their past lives have a direct impact on their present and future lives. Many believe it is important to reveal their past lives, to uncover them and to receive messages to help them in their present lives. For most, it is a path for personal growth and healing. Our instructor Pieter Elsen Phd. is one or if not THE BEST past life regression specialist in the country.

Become a Past Life Regression specialist today.


With the help of a trained guide, people explore past life regression for reasons hypnotherapist (even a layman can do it) and start changing people’s lives. Such as"

You will receive: The latest and most up to-date training available in smoking cessation and;
  • Release from past life traumas
  • Understand life's purposes and align with them
  • Experience the transition from live to the land of the dead
  • discover new levels of energy and talents
  • and many more...

Past life regression is an amazing, full-sensory experience. By Incorporating past life regression into your practice, you can provide extraordinary hypnotherapy. You can help your clients find the answers they seek on spiritual connections self awareness, phobias and clarity of purpose.

AHWI emboldens you with the skills needed to handle the pressure from clients. As a practitioner, your clients will come to you for clarity on different issues. They want an experience of your service because they believe it could fix them. If you are ill-prepared or haven’t gone through an extensive training process, your clients will see through this and your practice could suffer. The most trusted way to expand in this industry is through referrals so if one customer is unimpressed, this could do more damage to your practice than you think.

Our certification on past life regression takes you through the various methods of how to perform past life regression on people. We exhaust all the possibilities and likely patients you will face as a practitioner.

Our Instructors are some of the most experienced in all aspects of past life and between life explorations. They generously bring their personal and clinical experience to birth new professionals. With their help, you too can work at deep levels of the psyche to understand the origin and resolutions to life’s greatest challenges. Plus you can learn to illuminate pathways for your client to achieve their greatest goals and dreams, including developing profound spiritual connection.

Note: This course is only available to AHWI graduates and medical health and mental health professionals as a CEU. For a complete breakdown of our online hypnotherapy certification course click here.

This is for you if you are a:

  • Certified Hypnotherapist professional looking to expand into spiritual awakening techniques and past life regression
  • Holistic practitioner who wants to provide the best support for your clients
  • Past life practitioner who wants to take their practice to a whole new level
  • A metaphysical individual motivated to explore past life regression for self care or spiritual purposes

You will get:

  • •An amazing certificate of completion suitable for framing
  • Access to all video lessons in this course
  • Instruction manual you can download
  • Forms and scripts
  • 24/7 Support
  • and more...

Nobody offers your more!

Since the practice of hypnosis is unregulated in the majority of jurisdictions, there is still no established standard regarding training, and almost anyone who has learned the basic techniques of inducing hypnosis can easily offer their hypnotherapy services. That's when the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute stands out and offers the best. We provide you with the training and the knowledge to become a successful Hypnotherapist; we will even teach you how to market your services. We have created the best professional curriculum, and the best training available on the planet. We have the privilege of being accredited by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , and we follow their standards so we can offer the best quality in the field of Hypnotherapy.


Here at the American Hypnosis Wellness Center, our mission is to help lead the way to more meaningful standards of hypnosis and hypnotherapy education. We firmly believe that merely learning and knowing several hypnosis techniques and how to induce hypnosis is not enough to call yourself a professional hypnotherapist. Along with our accrediting board, The American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , we have HELPED THOUSANDS of students become the best Hypnotherapists in the field.