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Can you imagine being able to start your own hypnosis practice in as little as one week after graduation? That is one of the many benefits that the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute (AHWI) can offer for you. Let’s face it, most people nowadays do not have the time to go to actual college for a minimum of 4 years, and that is why online education has become so popular all around the world. Study at your own pace! Whether it's 8 hours a day to 2 hours a day from weekends to full-time, the AHWI gives you the freedom to achieve your goals in life and become a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Since 2001 the AHWI has been teaching people all over the world to become the best Hypnotherapists they can be and providing the latest in training upgraded every year with new information available in the field of hypnosis today. With the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists (founded in 1981) as our accrediting oversight board, we provide the best training, understanding, protection, and certification in the world of hypnotherapy professionals today.


First of all, thank you for taking the time and visiting the AHWI's web-page and considering us for a new start and career in your life. Imagine helping thousands of people and living the lifestyle you want as fast as you want? Holistic medicine practitioners are part of a 34 billion a year industry and YOU can be part of that industry too! Once you decide your career of choice you will be given access to our student portal where you can start learning the best in holistic medicine training there is to date. Start this journey and study at your OWN PACE and benefit from real Hypnotherapy, NLP, Yoga
Trainer, Reiki. Body Alignment, Chinese Herbal Medicine and many more! All our training is done 100% online, saving you thousands of dollars in traveling, rent, car rental, and blown up certification one on one fees. Yes like I said before NOBODY OFFERS YOU MORE, many schools will break down the course into beginners, intermediate, and advanced making them able to charge more and more by giving you less and less. We as a respected worldwide institute will give you all YES ALL! You will get the beginners the intermediate and the advanced ALL in one course making it possible for you to be the best practitioner you can be! We do not believe in depriving our students from getting the best education online in holistic medicine there is to date.

And all our courses are affordable so people can start a new career and change lives today!

Benefits Of Studying with us includes:

1. Being able to help people is the most important thing in life. As a Certified Hypnotherapist you can help people overcome phobias, bad habits, weight problems, smoking cessation, insomnia, and many more while you develop a great income and lifestyle.With no actual therapy background, you can become a professional hypnotherapist (even a layman can do it) and start changing people’s lives.

2. You will be trained by a skilled practitioner who has more than 20 years in the field of hypnosis and counseling.

3. The best instruction out there today. The AHWI will provide you with everything needed for you to be successful in the field of hypnosis, so you can proudly hang your diploma up at your practice.

4. Approval and certification by the Board of Examiners of the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists (holistic accrediting org).

5. Reputable Institute: we have graduates in 12 countries worldwide.
6. Instant access 24/7 to the institution: you can call, email, or Skype us directly for assistance.

7. Client referrals: once you graduate and get certified, the ABCH will include your contact information in the practitioners’ directory section, helping you create an online presence and ultimately more income.

8. Training: you will get everything you need! Video module lessons, curriculum e-book, lifetime support, diploma, and certification just to name a few.


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What can you expect? Well after graduation you will have 100 % support and certification from the ABCH's who will help you every step of the way in being successful! Start a practice today and enjoy the lifestyle you want. YES its true! Holistic medicine professionals charge anywhere in between $75 to $200 dollars and hour, and that's not even counting seminars, group sessions, and webinars, Sky is the limit so select a career course and START NOW!
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Hypnotherapy Certification Course

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Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Course

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Hypnosis Past Life Regression Course

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Hypnosis Pain Management Course

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Hypnosis Rapid Induction Course

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Hypnosis Therapeutic Imagery I, II, III

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Nobody offers your more!

Since the practice of hypnosis is unregulated in the majority of jurisdictions, there is still no established standard regarding training, and almost anyone who has learned the basic techniques of inducing hypnosis can easily offer their hypnotherapy services. That's when the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute stands out and offers the best. We provide you with the training and the knowledge to become a successful Hypnotherapist; we will even teach you how to market your services. We have created the best professional curriculum, and the best training available on the planet. We have the privilege of being accredited by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , and we follow their standards so we can offer the best quality in the field of Hypnotherapy.


Here at the American Hypnosis Wellness Center, our mission is to help lead the way to more meaningful standards of hypnosis and hypnotherapy education. We firmly believe that merely learning and knowing several hypnosis techniques and how to induce hypnosis is not enough to call yourself a professional hypnotherapist. Along with our accrediting board, The American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , we have HELPED THOUSANDS of students become the best Hypnotherapists in the field.