The Great Elman must also be credited with being among the first to discover that patients undergoing surgical anaesthesia often retain the power to hear; although there is almost always a post-anaesthetic amnesia for what has been heard, this information is recoverable in hypnosis (Cheek, 1959). Such information sometimes indicates the source of negative emotional […]

Wolberg ( 194 5) advocated a similar use of hypnosis, declaring that one of the chief aims of hypnoanalysis is to bring to consciousness previously unconscious impluses which influence behaviour and which compulsively drive the individual to acts of a maladaptive nature. He observed that in utilising hypnosis as a penetrating tool to uproot traumatic […]

Mesmer, the great.hypnotist, believed that sick people suffered from a disturbance of their. magnetic fields, and that he could rectify these disturbances by the use of magnetics and his own special powers. He did not identify these disturbances, but the positive response to his treatment confirmed their presence. Perhaps the analogy between mesmerism and hypnoanalysis […]

Five Reasons Hypnotherapy Is a Great Career The short answer is yes. But since we get that question around a dozen times a week, we decided to put together a collection of information and facts regarding to the practice of hypnotherapy. To make it simple, we will point out five good reasons why a good […]