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We are Accredited by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists (AB CHt)

The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute is under non secular accreditation by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists (americanboardofclinicalhypnotists.org) The ABCH has been accrediting and overseeing us since we started as the American Hypnotherapy School in 2001 and they have been an elite accrediting board since 1977. The ABCH is the ONLY association in the holistic medicine world with REAL medical professionals on their board of examiners, assuring that each graduate gets the education needed and the right amount of hours to be considered a board certified practitioner.

Although many medical and mental health professionals may take a course or two in holistic medicine during their college training, that's all they are, very basic courses. At this time, there are no regulations in holistic medicine (except for Chiropractors and Acupuncturists). That's right, NO REGULATIONS, and that means that any institution can call themselves a College and claim they can grant such things as Degrees and PhD's. The truth of the matter is that that holistic medicine is and always will be regulated by what we call third party accreditation, which means they have a reputable board of examiners who oversee and test everyone individually so they can become a great educated practitioner.

Why is AHWI the best choice for your training?

Our main purpose here is to help everyone make an informed decision, and to prevent you from falling into the hands of those who are only after your money and nothing else. For starters, hypnosis training does not yet have any federal regulation of any sort. In fact, Hypnosis has only a few states that regulate the word therapy, besides that, no one has total control or regulation in Hypnotherapy.

As stated above, there is barely any form of regulation being implemented currently, and this is exactly where the confusion begins. Considering that there is no basic format or uniformity in the way that schools must be run, anyone who wants to earn some extra cash by opening his or her own school, whether part time or full time, can easily do so.

As their way of attracting as many clients as they can, most of these so called schools will come up with their own set of criteria of how good a hypnosis school must be based on their own strengths alone. So, if you happen to be a prospective student who compares schools, instead of comparing apples to apples, what you end up doing is comparing an apple to an orange, lemon, and so on.

You have to take note that your main purpose in entering this field is to be able to help other people while making some money in a reasonable way. It is our simple goal to lend you a helping hand. While we cannot deny that this is a business and the goal is still to make money, we firmly believe that if helping others is your main concern, the money will surely follow shortly.

Although many other “Colleges” will probably get upset about this information, we think it’s in our best interest to let potential students know the truth. Now here are some frequently asked questions below.

1. Can I have a PhD or a Masters in holistic medicine?
The answer is NO, take a few minutes to logically analyze that question, a 4 year degree takes 4 years to get, so whoever is telling you that you can earn a bachelors in hypnosis or yoga is simply not being honest with you.

2. Is the AHWI accredited?
Yes, the AHWI is accredited and regulated by third party accreditation (non-secular) by the ABCH.

3. What is non secular accreditation?
Non secular accreditation means that it’s not accepted by the Department of Education, but instead by a third party who operates under the U.S. Constitution Freedom of Worship (separation of church and state). Let’s remember, holistic medicine falls under that category.

4. What's the difference between your institute and others out there?
Our institute provides the latest in training, and we have the best instructors in holistic medicine. We strive to make you the best practitioner in the field, and will teach you how to SUCCEED and market your practice so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want today. We won’t feed you fluff or have you spend thousands of hours wasting your time to make us appear more legitimate, when in all reality we offer the best curriculum on the planet.

5. Why thousands of hours?
As I mentioned before, many schools try to make their training appear more legitimate by stating that they have 100, 200, 300, or even more training hours included. Using this type of comparison or claim is very misleading and really not required. The hour requirements are set for “their” specific training and not a standard. It is just a way to be able to charge more tuition to watch you practice. We at the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute will give you the correct amount of hours, and NOT thousands of hours like most “colleges” give you so they can collect more money from you.

6. Why is your tuition so low?
Our tuition is one of the lowest out there today. Many so called “colleges” will charge you a lot more, and even divide the courses so they can CHARGE MOREand keep you coming back. At the AHWI, you will get everything you need all at once, that's right BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED training all in one, so you do not have to pay more for less.

Why should I go study with AHWI?

The answer is simple.

1. We provide the best curriculum available today.
2. Our tuition is low, and we even offer a payment plan for people who can’t afford to pay the whole price upfront.
3. 100% Online training.
4. All study materials included.
5. No hidden fees.
6. Thousands of graduates all over the world.
7. Accreditation by a real holistic medicine board.
8. We will assure you become the best practitioner you can be.
9. Anyone with any background can study with us.
10. We have 14 years' of molding people into successful holistic medicine practitioners.

The answer is simple.
Those are only ten reasons why the AHWI is the best choice for you. So if you want to start a fresh career now, check out any of our career program courses and let us do the rest.

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What can you expect? Well after graduation you will have 100 % support and certification from the ABCH's who will help you every step of the way in being successful! Start a practice today and enjoy the lifestyle you want. YES its true! Hypnotherapyst professionals charge anywhere in between $75 to $200 dollars and hour, and that's not even counting seminars, group sessions, and webinars, Sky is the limit so select a career course and START NOW!