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About American Hypnosis Wellness Institute (AHWI)

Regardless of what your background is, we assure that our students get provided with the knowledge they need to remain grounded and successful in their practice. With us as a Hypnotherapist you will learn the latest in hypnosis information that will empower your clients and will allow them, to get past the things that hold them back. Since the practice of hypnosis is unregulated in the majority of jurisdictions, there is still no established standard curriculum regarding training, and almost anyone who has learned the basic hypnotic techniques can easily offer their “hypnotherapy services”. This is why the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute stands out and offers the you best online hypnosis training your money can buy. We provide you with the training and the knowledge to become a successful Hypnotherapist; we will even teach you how to market your services. We have created the best professional curriculum, and the best training available on the planet. We have the privilege of being accredited by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , and we follow their standards so we can offer the best quality in the field of Hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis is a heightened state or awareness in which your subconscious opens to suggestion. Used in a therapeutic setting, hypnosis can and will make positive changes in your life. Every single day, more and more research studies and media reports show the actual efficacy of hypnosis as both an alternative and primary treatment for numerous health issues. Aside from that, hypnosis has already established itself as a strong modality for self-development, behavioral modification, coaching, performance improvement, stress reduction, and many other areas. Yet, in spite of the growing clinical and medical research regarding the undeniable value of hypnosis, still, there are a very limited number of professional hypnosis training programs available for Doctors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counselors, and Nurses that truly offer in-depth and comprehensive training in hypnosis. This is one of the reasons, we as hypnotherapy school online have put together the best hypnosis online training course your money can buy.
Dr. Weiss

"Hypnotherapy is broadly endorsed as a treatment for habit breaking, anxiety related issues, and for a range of long term conditions, and in recent years has been gaining steam in the therapeutic world." - Dr. Brian Weiss Psy.D C.H.t

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Benefits Of Studying with us Include:

1. Being able to help people is the most important thing in life. As a Certified Hypnotherapist you can help people overcome phobias, bad habits, weight problems, smoking cessation, insomnia, and many more while you develop a great income and lifestyle.With no actual therapy background, you can become a professional hypnotherapist (even a layman can do it) and start changing people’s lives.

2. You will be trained by a skilled practitioner who has more than 20 years in the field of hypnosis and counseling.

3. The best instruction out there today. The AHWI will provide you with everything needed for you to be successful in the field of hypnosis, so you can proudly hang your diploma up at your practice.

4. Approval and certification by the Board of Examiners of the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists (holistic accrediting org).

5. Reputable Institute: we have graduates in 12 countries worldwide.
6. Instant access 24/7 to the institution: you can call, email, or Skype us directly for assistance.

7. Client referrals: once you graduate and get certified, the ABCH will include your contact information in the practitioners’ directory section, helping you create an online presence and ultimately more income.

8. Training: you will get everything you need! Video module lessons, curriculum e-book, lifetime support, diploma, and certification just to name a few.