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Yes, you read that right! Our first commitment to you, is to offer our first class and our Introduction to Hypnosis E-book (39.99 value) totally FREE of charge. Learn how to hypnotize your family and friends.

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The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute (AHWI) is a premier Hypnotherapy school offering online and on-site hypnosis training available for everyone. Since 2001 AHWI has set a new standard in hypnosis education that will teach you everything you need to know to start a new career as a Hypnotherapist. Our online hypnosis certification course is aimed at those that are looking for a new approach and a more and grounded Hypnotherapy curriculum. We actually go above and beyond to make sure that each one of you, gets the education you need , to start your own Hypnotherapy practice.

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Clinical hypnosis has become a very handy and powerful instrument that is used in holistic and traditional medicine to generate magnanimous change in a person’s behavior and to instill positive development. Hypnosis basically reprograms behavior patterns and allows the irrational and negative thoughts to be repressed, so the individual can be led to achieving a better state of mind and well-being. With us you will learn how to hypnotize your clients in as little as one week, and since our curriculum focuses on the “study at your own pace” philosophy, you can graduate as quickly as you want making it possible for you to open your own practice right away and start changing people’s lives. Let's talk business for a second here, a Past Life Regression session costs anywhere from $300.00 to $700.00 dollars depending on how you work with your client. So if we break it down, in 3 to 4 hypnosis sessions, your school would be paid for itself, and you will continue to make money as a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.


The training for hypnosis practitioners can vary widely and can also come from different sources. Some psychology graduate programs and medical schools provide training in hypnosis. However, graduates from such programs only focus on hypnosis research, and the programs do not produce a significant number of practicing hypnotherapy professionals. A very small percentage of the qualified mental health professionals, who are already well versed in the practice of this particular field of therapy, search for quality private training and incorporate hypnosis into their own practice. A large chunk of the hypnosis practitioner professions is composed of individuals who have paid for their membership in an organization just so they can attend the training regarding the different techniques of hypnosis. Most of the time, these programs can be very costly, and almost every dollar will go to the trainer or the organization itself, while in all reality they are not learning and understanding the correct approach to hypnosis.
Great Reasons to Become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Start your life and others.

The quality of such programs can also vary widely, from short weekend training classes that last for 20 hours only, to the more in-depth training that last for several weeks or a month. A few of them only cover the basics of the therapy, the ethical and legal concerns, and the dimensions of the practice’s approach, while others simply brush over the material in a matter of hours. The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute will give you the tools you need to be an elite Hypnotherapist, and we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you get the best training, the best curriculum, and the best support possible.
So don’t take our word for it!

Do some research for yourself, and you will find that when it comes to online hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) Certification Training, we offer only the best in training and the most comprehensive curriculum out today


There is no other place to earn a nationally and world recognized, well-respected Board Certification in the field of clinical hypnosis than the The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. If you have the passion and commitment to help individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being, start your journey with us. At the AHWI you will get:

1. The best online education money can buy
2. Full student and customer support 24/7.
3. Your own curriculum book and learning kit.
4. Numerous video lessons with live one on one demonstrations to assure the latest in instruction.
5. Diploma of graduation from the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute.
6. Board Certification from the well-respected and world renowned American Board of Clinical Hypnotists , who has been overseeing and providing quality control in Holistic Medicine since 1977.
7. Full year membership to the AHWI ( valued at 125.00 a year)
8. Membership picture ID card with your specialization stating that you are a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner.
9. Letter of recommendation
10. Grade transcripts
11. 20% discount on any CEU (continued education units) offered by the AHWI or the A.
12. Email newsletters, and free training opportunities.
13. Discounts on the ABCH yearly events held all over the USA and Europe.
14. Marketing strategies and information.
15. And most importantly, how to set up your own practice and PROFIT from it.


To become widely recognized as the preeminent educational institution for those seeking a grounded easy to follow approach to Hypnotherapy education. We envision AHWI Hypnotherapists all over the world applying our concepts and principles to make a positive difference in their lives as well as in the lives of each client they work with. We will provide you with the tools and the knowledge to help you every step of the way. The rest is up to you......

We hope to see you soon as one of our students!
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